Getting to Mama’s Lodge

Mama’s Lodge is situated on Inhaca Island, which you reach by boat from either Santa Maria Village (4×4 Only), or Maputo. Most people arrive by plane or vehicle in Maputo and then utilise one of the Inhaca Ferries (Are Running at 300mt per person one way) or a Transfer Service. If you are arriving in Maputo late afternoon, we advise using accommodation in Maputo for the evening, as the water transfer is well over an hour. If you have taken our self catering option and want to shop in Maputo, we also recommend a night in Maputo.

Maputo/Inhaca Ferry:

Fridays the Ferry leaves Maputo at 11am.

All leave Maputo 8:00am
Leave Inhaca 3:00pm
* Guests must be there 1 hour before departure..
* Please note for that guests have flights the same day or that are on a strict time schedule we don’t recommend using ferry.
* Ferry is weather dependant (Extreme winds and large swells can lead to cancellations)
* Please have boat charter as back up for your transfer (See below for suggestions.)
* Guests using shared boats please make sure you are being dropped in front of our lodge, otherwise you have to arrange transport from the dropping point to lodge.
* Lastly, if your boat arrives at the Island on low tide, you will be getting your feet wet to walk to shore, as all boats have to stop before the shore

We recommend the following charters for trips:

Rusmus: +258847121666 – Services offered, Private Boat, Shared Boat and Airport Transfers (Maputo).

Richard (Number 1 Boat Charter): +258846774438 – Services Offered, Private Boat and Shared Boat (Please note: Inhaca drop off for these boats requires pick up by vehicle to get to the Lodge.)

Elton: +258840748174 – Services Offered, Private Boat or Shared Boat.

Marçio: What’s App: +258862666983 – Services Offered, Private Boat or Shared Boat.

Hetta on What’s App: +25 8843856863 (Based in Santa Maria) Services Offered, Charters, Fishing, Accommodation and restaurant – or Email:

Marçio: What’s App: +258862666983

Please note that the above charters are run by separate companies to Mamas Lodge and we have no control over their offerings or service.