Lodge Extras

Inhaca Island Amenities

Mamas Lodge Offers many amenities to our guests, to make their stay on Inhaca Island even better:

  • Coffee and Tea (Coffee Plunger)
  • Snorkelling Gear (Masks, Snorkels and Fins) Inhaca Island offers incredible snorkelling.
  • Books
  • Board Games
  • Fishing Gear
  • Ice

You are also able to purchase the following from our Managers:

  • We sell local Charcoal for your Braai (BBQ)
  • Our managers are also happy to assist you in purchasing Inhaca Island seafood from the market or fisherman.

Boat Charters:

Mamas Lodge will offer our own exclusive Boat Charter shortly. In the meantime you can make use of these sterling, local suppliers for charters and fishing charters:

Currently we suggest contacting Hetta, based in Santa Maria, across the channel from Inhaca Island, for any transport services.

Contact Hetta on What’s App: +25 8843856863 or Email: bemugis@gmail.com

You can also contact Richard on What’s App: +258846774438

Another good charter service out of Maputo is with Marçio, What’s App: +258862666983